macbook pro

Apple introduced the new MacBook series at the latest Special Event and since then, it has attracted a lot of interest from people around the world. The series has an extremely thin design and a new appearance and includes Retina Display and an improvement in keyboard functions. However, the CPU specs are not so fancy compared to the latest Apple products and the fact that there is only one USB-C port may be a possible concern for the next few months. Apple left a fair bit out concerning the new MacBook series so we have summarised 4 things they didn’t discuss well at the last event.



– Better stereo speakers


The speaker grills right above the keyboard provide slightly better sound than the older models. On the new MacBook, the speakers blast sound upwards at you.



– Low-res camera


A 480p resolution FaceTime camera is attached this time. It loses out to the other Mac models, which have 720p resolution HD cameras.



– You need a dongle


The new MacBook provides only one port, called USB-C. If you want to connect another USB or anything else, you will need to buy an adapter. Apple has started selling $79 dongles (link)



– The shiny Apple logo has gone


MacBook’s beauty was its shiny Apple logo on the lid that lit up. Now it is a normal metallic one. We’ll miss you shiny logo!
The above are things you might need to know before you actually go to the Apple shop to buy the new MacBook. Hope you guys think carefully and decide wisely.