Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an ideal method for designers to create ideas in a visual way. It boost productivity by allowing free flow of ideas in colours, fonts, strokes on the connecting lines, graphics photos, and even videos. Information presented as text can be flat, but a visual representation is full of life. They are like branches of a tree. Information presented in the form of a mind map turns into knowledge and helps in the decision making process. Here is a list of the 5 best mind mapping tools for designers, and its features. Let’s take a look at it!



This mind mapping program works more like people and thoughts and less like a computer. It is completely free, and your mind map will be exported to PDF or PNG easily. You can also track changes from anyone who is adding to or editing the mind map. It will be drawn with a colour wheel for easy selection of colours, and help you add images by drag-and-drop feature. There is a history mode which allows you to go back to the previous session as well.




Mapul is a very colourful program. Its handy look and feel will help you manage and organise your ideas easily. It is also available on the web interface, but desktop and mobile versions are coming soon. Other features like full cloud support, share and create unlimited maps, make presentations of your maps, add hyperlinks, and even premium support for email. Of course, there is a free version with limited features so you can try to use it before buy a full licensed version.




Like any other processing application, this tool will suit your needs as well. MindMeister is a great tool for both simple and complex mind mapping task. It includes very effective tools for mapping all your tasks and ideas and was made to comply with basic mapping styles as well as complicated ones. Sharing mind maps via email or link, play back changes with History View will give you additional advantages to use this tool.




This tool has a shared whiteboard and sticky note-like format for online collaboration. You can comment, vote, add priority, organise and even access via mobile devices. It also summarise handy report immediately whenever you want. You can also add photos and videos and choose templates, these will help you customise Stormboard to suits your personal tastes. There is a SSL encryption, which will give you secure connection to prevent you from the harmful malicious programs. You can try this by using free 30-day trail before you get into this.




Creating a visual thought process is easy with Xmind. This tool can be used in simple planning such as when you are going on a trip or listing things to accomplish in a week’s time. It has everything a graphic designer would need such as local network sharing, templates, IME support, presentations, attachments, password encryption, and even audio notes. It also give you a brainstorming option which allows for quick idea generation and thought processing. You can also share your mind map with others on the XMind network and visitors can comment, bookmark, or download your map. There is also a free version with limited features, but if you want to export to Microsoft files, HTML , and images such as GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP you would need to get a paid version.