The computer IT industry has grown exponentially over recent years – and alongside this growth, a number of myths have appeared that can seem very plausible. So much so, that they have spread throughout cyberspace. We have decided to take a look at some of these tech myths in order to expose them for what they are – myths!


1. You shouldn’t turn off your computer every day


Some believe that turning a computer on and off every day is not good for it. This is wrong! Not only will turning off your computer be easier on your electricity bills, but it will increase the durability of components inside your computer. 


2. Higher display resolution is better on a smartphone


Actually, this is not always true. If there are more than 300 pixels within 1 inch, it is very hard to distinguish the difference with the human eye. Recently LG released its first quad-HD smartphone, the G3, which has a resolution of 2560 * 1440. This is a lot higher than the usual high-end smartphone. But, it looks almost the same.


3. Don’t charge your phone battery unless it’s fully flat


This is wrong. It is not harmful to plug your phone in before the battery is dead. Batteries do get affected by the number of charge cycles but not by plugging your phone in when the battery is half full.


4. Better cameras have higher megapixels


Not really. The real issue is the size of the megapixels not the sheer number of megapixels.


5. Leaving your phone plugged in destroys the battery


Not true. Most smartphone batteries stop charging when they are fully charged.


6. Mac computers are completely virus free


Again, not true. The majority of viruses are currently coded to affect Windows; however it may be in the future that more viruses will be coded for Mac if Mac computers continue to increase in popularity. Actually, a Trojan virus affected thousands of Mac computers in 2012.