Trying to meet deadlines with many tasks still to do is a really frustrating and unpleasant time in your life. You have no chance to do your best work – in fact, you can produce your worst. Here are good tips to help you avoid the mental disaster.

1. Prepare in advance

Prepare your work list for the following day. If you plan your day in advance, your subconscious then goes to work on your plans while you sleep.

2. Schedule your time

Scheduling your time often reduces stress and saves energy. If you schedule your time, you will feel in charge of your life. And being in charge really increases your self-esteem!

3. Start early

To increase productivity, start your day early. The more time you think and plan, the more prepared you will be at the work place.

4. Get organisational skills

Practise your organisational skills and use a filing system for everything. For example, with an alphabetical system, you can find your documents or record of your files immediately and this will save your time.

5. Use your Prime Time

Organise your life so that you can do creative work during your own “Prime Time”. Your Prime Time is when you are the most alert and productive. It is very important that you are aware of that time so that you can schedule your most important tasks to make use of it and increase your productivity.