The use of smartphones and mobile devices is rising and more than five billion people are expected to have access to a smartphone by 2017. This expansion of mobile Internet will clearly result in the development of mobile businesses and it is vital that you understand the effects of mobile technology in marketing. The following summary will help you understand why having a mobile website is extremely important in the marketing industry.


First of all, people who have computers or laptops are also making the jump to mobile devices to read news, check emails and surf the Internet. It is a simple and efficient way to get information, shop for products and keep in touch. It also involves a simple process of touching the screen with a fingertip and gaining the desired result instantly.


Mobile traffic is increasing every year and today most people surf the Internet using mobile devices rather than PCs. If you are in the business of e-commerce, you should really think about launching a mobile friendly website. By doing this you can attract more website traffic, resulting in more money.


Basically, shoppers are encouraged to buy a product or service if your site is optimised for mobile access. Recent research shows that 75% of people are more likely to return to a site in the future if the mobile version of the site is good. Otherwise they tend to leave it in order to look elsewhere.


A bad mobile experience can create bad feelings about your company. Over half the people who currently surf the Internet say they feel frustrated when they encounter a site that is not mobile optimised. They do not feel that the company involved cares about their business and the outcome is that such a company will lose credits and shoppers will end up finding no value in the company.


A mobile website is not just how big your company is, it is also a great representation of what your company is. In the near future, having a mobile-friendly website will be a compulsory key for every business and will redefine the entire marketing industry.