Before Apple CEO Tim Cook announced their newest wearable technology, Apple’s senior vice president of Design Jony Ive said “Switzerland is in trouble”. Whether he was bragging or not, the new Apple Watch is finally ready and will be available in two different sizes this year. Until then, we won’t be seeing it but its look and potential have already impressed quite a lot of people.


One of the watch’s coolest features is that when you lift your wrist the screen automatically turns on. Plus, it supports Siri-powered voice features, allowing you to do things like ‘talk to your wrist’ to respond to messages.


Here are the things you can do with the Apple Watch.


– Track fitness and health using wrist-facing sensors
– Get iPhone notifications
– Pick up your heart rate
– Apple Pay to buy goods with your watch
– Talk to your wrist via Siri
– Change a variety of themes on the screen
– Turn-by-turn navigation feature
– Display your favourite photos
– Use Tweeter
– Display calendar and music information
– Get vibrated notification


In addition to the features above, apps for the Apple Watch will soon draw a lot of attention from the world’s developers. If a sufficient number of apps are developed, in the near future we may understand why Jony thinks Switzerland is in trouble!